The Constitution Is Suspended

Freedom has never been free.
Please share this video. Warrior4God13 has asked that we make it go viral…


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Massacre In Al Houra, Crimes Against Humanity

I was most upset this morning when I viewed a video about the children who were terminated in Syria most recently.  I think this took place last week. (The week of May 28th, which was a Monday).  I could not believe my eyes.  My son kept observing me and he started saying: “Don’t look at it Mom, don’t look at it, stop looking at it”…  Our children are Life’s gifts to us.  How this atrocious evil could be permitted is vexing to me.  What in the world can we do to STOP this evil INSANITY?  Something must be done!  Something must be done to stop this evil that plagues man to commit crimes against Humanity.  If this were happening here in the united states, people would haughtily hold up their noses and say: “How dare you!?”  Well, how could men stoop to continue these heinous crimes against little children?  What have they ever done to anyone?  A man was picking the little children up like little rag dolls, and their little bodies were limp and lifeless.  Some of their faces were completely mangled and destroyed.  I am very saddened and angered by this.  This just has to stop.  These men don’t deserve to breath.  To take such innocent little lives and have absolutely no regard for life in itself means you don’t deserve to breath God’s Air!  It’s HIS air!  And these men run amuck with no regard for Life.  They only take Life, and contribute nothing but crimes against Humanity.  Somebody HELP ME!!!

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My Father Gives Many Gifts…

I have inherited my Mother’s love for flowers.  When in awe of them, its really my father God that I am in awe of.

Their Intricasies

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A Wonderful Gift For All

This is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.   A gift, that has been forwarded to not too many people online, before it arrived in my mailbox.

My mother sent this to me.


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Hello world!

Life, Love, Understanding and the pursuit of all three! That is what absolutely turns me on!  God guide me every step of the way…

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